Top 50 Online Games for Money Earn without Investment

Top 50 Online Games for Money Earn without Investment

Friends In this blog I am ravel top 50 Online Games for Money Earn without Investment. Best online games for money in this article.

People from all over the world work hard day and night to earn money, some do manual labour and some intellectual labour. All are engaged in earning money to fulfil their daily needs.

There are many such websites on the Internet, from which you can earn money sitting at home.
People from all over the world work hard day and night to earn money for games, some do manual labour and some intellectual labour.

All are engaged in earning money to fulfil their daily needs. In this hardworking world, the internet is emerging as a place where you can earn thousands of rupees without any hard work. There are many such websites on the Internet, from which you can earn money sitting at home.

At present, when this country is going through the era of the communication revolution, then people are finding new ways in which they want to improve their lives. Nowadays everyone gets a smartphone in their hands, you may not know but this phone can help you earn thousands of rupees.

You can install many such apps in the smartphone with the help of which you are not a millionaire but you can remove the expenses of your daily marra. Let’s know about some such apps.

                                          Games for Money is the best idea to earn money

Top 50 Online Games for Money To Earn


Squadron is an app that you can use to make your boring life a little thrilling. Through this app, you will be given new tasks daily, which you can earn by completing. After completing every mission you will be given new tasks which will be based on your skills and experience.

As you continue to complete the task, you will continue to get points which you can transfer to your Paytm. always use it games for money. Let me tell you that when these points are above 60, then only you will be able to transfer them to your Paytm account.


This app takes you from the online world to the offline world. This app asks you to visit restaurants and spas that partner with this app.crownit is best Games for Money

When you go to eat, shop, watch movies at their place, you have to upload the photo of your bill, which gives you cashback. As soon as you upload the bill then you will get some cashback using which you can watch new movies or online shopping.


If you are fond of photography then this app can be very useful for you, you can sell your photos online using this app. To earn from this app, it is necessary to have a customer of your photo.

If he likes, then you can earn around 300 to 350 rupees. To receive payments, you must a PayPal account. I know this is the Games for Money.


If you have discomfort with the boring screen lock of your phone then it will be Sanjeevani boot for you. If you want to use this app, you can also remove your pocket money.

This app makes your phone’s screen lock moving ad box. Through this app games for money, you get carrots on every advertisement which works like points. For every 1000 carrots, you get 1 dollar which is equal to about 68 rupees. You can transfer this money to your Paypal account every 15 days.


Earlier it was only mcent application which was later changed to the browser. mcent browser also works as an application, you have to refer to it. When you use this app further, you will have to install many applications from which you will be able to earn points. This app is multidimensional. Here you can earn money not only by referring and installing the application, but also by seeing the advertisement.


If you are unhappy with the black and white keyboard of your phone, then you can not only use the colorful keyboard by using it, but you can also earn money. Games for Money always work to earn cash.

Here you only have to install this app, after which you will show this app based on your chats and your search. You will get 1 rupee for watching every advertisement, which will be transferred to your keettoo account. You can add this app to your paytm or mobikwik account.


Yumchek returns you your food money again. Here only you have to upload your food bill which you have eaten in a restaurant. Games for Money always work to earn cash.

When you upload your food receipt, you get 5 rupees auto-added to the Yumcheck wallet. Games for Money always work to earn cash.

Play Games for Real Money

Taskbucks Apps

You can earn a lot of money from TaskBucks App. I would like to tell you, I use Taskbucks Apps myself. Because there are easy tasks in it. If we complete Task properly. So you can easily do unlimited Earning.

App installs or invites the given task in it. So money Kamane is one of the best. In which only your mobile number will be needed. Games for Money always work to earn cash.

In this, you can earn as much as Paytm Cash & Recharge. This is the best feature of this app. Along with Recharge, it also provides Internet Balance. That too 3G Net. Read below process for more information-

App  games for money
How to make money with Taskbucks in Mobile?
There is no need to do much of it. Just click the Download button below. And create an account with your mobile number. Then any 1 App will have to be downloaded inside the Taskbucks App.

Last go to Taskbucks option, and have to share your WhatsApp, Facebook with “Invite & Earn”. Who downloads this app from your link. And downloads a Task (an APP) inside it. Then money up to 10-20-30 RS will be available in your account.

Download Taskbucks App

Ways to make money fast
The best way is to share your links on Facebook and Whatsapp Group and ask them to download. With this, you will be able to earn money quickly.

True Balance App Download [Best money Earn App]

games for money
Another new app has been launched to earn online money. Whose name is True Balance? A mobile number is required to earn Paise from True Balance. By joining it, you get instant balance.

In the beginning, 50 RS are available in the true balance application. But nowadays it has started giving less money. Even today people are earning Paise from true balance app. Just in this, you have to send an invite link to your friend.

You get instant balance upon downloading from your friend link. Currently Dec. Get 10 ₹ in 2017. In this way, the more you invite, the more balance you will get. Which you can recharge immediately on mobile.

Download True Balance App

Mcent Browser App [Money earn Ka APP]

games for money

You will understand this by the name Mcent Browser App. Earlier it was App mcent Application. Later this has been changed in the browser. The same invite (Refer) occurs in the mcent browser. Like I do in taskbucks.

This is just an internet browser. money is earned by using this browser along with the referral. If you use only Mcent daily then you can earn at least 1 ₹ per day.

To earn speed you have to be invited. Thus it is also very good apps. With the help of which you can earn daily money.

Mcent App games for money
To install Mcent Browser Android Mobile Download & Install, do it below-

Download Mcent Browser

PhonePe App [Best Money Making App]

games for money

PhonePe App is also a money Earner App. It is used for payment like a Recharge, Payment, DTH, Internet Balance, Main Balance, Electronic, Flight Book, Datacard, Gas, Broadband, Landline, Credit Card, Water.

There is an offer to earn Free Balance money in this PhonePe App. Not only this, along with earning money, you can take advantage of cashback. In which a cashback offer of about 10-100 ₹ is being received.

Let me tell you, currently you are getting 50-100 ₹ by inviting in PhonePe App. Are less and less frequent. Many people are using it. Many people are also earning money. To earn Paise from this app, you must have an ATM card. always games for money works in a digital world.

The friend you will invite. It is also necessary to have an ATM (debit card). Only then you will be able to earn money from this app. Right now you are getting offer to earn 75 ₹ from july till December 2019. Just invite in it. And Friend will download the app from your link. And will verify with mobile number.

At the last transfer of both PhonePe App between 100-200 ₹, 75 rupees will come in your phonePe. Click here for more information – How to earn money from PhonePe?

Click here to download in your mobile

Download PhonePe App

Google Opinion Rewards App [Games for money App]

games gor money

This is one of the best application in money-earning  App. You will understand from Google opinion name only. This is an application from Google company. It is absolutely 100% working. And it pays in real. And under no circumstances can you cheat.

In this Android App, some Servey has to be completed. Whose payment we get as credit. Credit rewards can also be said. I know this is the best games for money.

You can transfer these rewards to Google play store, Payment or Bank. A Gmail id is required to earn money from Google Opinion.

And you can create an account on Google Opinion Rewards with Gmail id.

Click here to download in your Android Mobile

Mobile Se money earning with google opinion rewards
Download Google Rewards

Download Google Rewards

Google Tez App

You can also earn money from this google Tez App. Click here for more information- How to earn money with Google Tez App?

Any type of problem comes from Mobile games for money Ke App List. So we can comment below and ask questions. And share one more about us on social media Facebook, WhatsApp. And if you know about money Earning Apps, which we have not added to the App list. We can share details about the app with our name. Thank you.

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